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Celebrity kicks off the new year right with a team effort by the man himself Chuck Love and partner Spur! Chuck's mix is straight forward C-Lo-- style with chunky bass, upfront vocals and jammin solos. Spur's mix is a deeper affair with jazzy keys and chopped up drum work that really lets Jennifer's vocal shine. Bryan Gerrard ventures into electro house territory with a ripping bassline that will tear your head off yet still accessible enough for straight-up house floors while David "Durtee" Drone explores his deeper side delivering a soul-drenched vocal version perfect for warm-ups or early morning hours. Also included are the TRAXSOURCE EXCLUSIVE Acoustic edit and Reprise.





5. ACOUSTIC EDIT (Drumless)


Celebrity releases are available on Traxsource.com, Stompy.com and DJ Download.com.

Catalog Number: celeb012

Artist: Chuck Love & Spur feat. Jennifer Grimm (aka Jennifer Grimes)

Title: TURN ON

Producer: Chuck Love, Spur, David Drone, Bryan Gerrard

Written & Produced By Chuck Love and Spur

Vocals By Jennifer Grimm (aka Jennifer Grimes)

Remix and additional production on 3 by Bryan Gerrard

Remix and additional production on 4, 5 & 6 by David Drone

©2007 Celebrity Records (www.myspace.com/celebrityrecords)


Spur says ... this is the Chuck Love & Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm deeper vocal cut. Chuck wanted something that could play out against a groove he handed me, and still hold up against a more bangin' vibe or work with something more chill. I worked with Chuck and Jennifer to write and record something he liked and we got to hear the results when he used it to open his set at the Large party in Miami WMC '06.

At that party were Bryan Gerrard and Dave Drone from Celebrity Records, and they approached me for the release. Now the time has come and Celebrity Records have come up with a fantastic set of remixes including the Bryan Gerrard Electrovox --- be sure to check out the Traxsource EXCLUSIVE with David Drone's acoustic and reprise mixes!

Drift Away - Keenan and Anderson feat. ENDC

CHART-TOPPING Release! Balance Record Pool's Number One Track for the week ending January 17, 2006!! No. 25 on Juno's top sellers list January 24th, 2006. And still record label SOG Chrome's 8th best Beatport seller as of April 14th, 2007!!!

Available at http://www.sogrecords.com/ and record stores around the globe!

Produced by Stewart Keenan and Dale Anderson feat. ENDC on SOG Chrome including a smashing remix by Stel & Goodnewz (Audiotherapy, Renaissance) - The vocals were written and recorded in our Minneapolis studio and Stewart and Dale worked on the production in the UK.

Resident Advisor says of 'Drift Away,' "Leaning towards peaktime, from start to finish the subtle workings of the track are controlled by the highly emotive vocals of ENDC and edges up a notch at every drop out."

Progressive-Sounds.com writes, "the remix is thick and epic, with an extremely emotional vocal line that cuts to your core. This has big room written all over it."

Possibly SOG's tune of the year, this one's been touted as TUNE OF THE SEASON by PAUL VAN DYK even before we've released it. And too right: we've had girls coming up to the DJ booth in tears after hearing this one. If you need a little help on the "ladies" (laidies?) front, then this one's for you. Stick this in your box and you'll be the "sensitive" man of the moment, guaranteed or your money back! Stellar mix from STEL & GOOD NEWZ on the flip. Thanks guys!!

Support from...

  • Paul van Dyk
  • Paul Oakenfold
  • Armin van Buuren
  • Dave Seaman (Audiotherapy)
  • Chris Fortier
  • Satoshi Tomiie
  • Anthony Pappa
  • D:Fuse and more: Recently played for 170,000 "people" on XM80 The Move! (Also on his Proton Radio show.)

"Soul It As Funk"
Funky minimal house with remixes by SCUD BLOOM, JEVNE & SPUR something for all!

Aaron Roberts (Grab, Photo, Onethirty) joins the Onethirty family with his minimal funk style. In line with the bumpy Chicago jack sound -- Joey Youngman, Tango, Control, and all that jazz. Aaron has had great releases out on Grab and Photo Records, and has another follow-up release to “Soul It As Funk” on Onethirty coming later this year. He also remixed the Sceneheadz “Hokedum Village” for Onethirty Digital 009.

Scud Bloom joins the Onethirty remix team with 2 mixes of “Soul it as Funk”. His “Dub” mix is on the same plane as the labels and artists mentioned above. His second mix is a nice little garage/acid vibe, being played by Brian Jones, Justin Martin and Rob Gregga.

The release includes 2 more mixes, first from Spur, one of the main Onethirty artists/remixers! His mix is a sure way to tek-house heaven! Next Jevne remixes up “Soul It” for a new tribal twist on the cut. With sub-rumble and echoing vocals this mix takes the original up a notch! Don’t miss any of these mixes!!!!


"the houn' rockers"
4 funky ass winners here from Jevne & Spur in the vein of Tango, Detour, Fetish, Freerange, Chillin, and more!

Jevne & Spur return to Onethirty to make 4 funky tech bump jams. Jevne's in the midst of a killer year of touring, playing live bass while djing & he lays it down juicy. With gigs all over the US, releases, remixes coming out on Chillin, Knob, Bio Hazzard and Onethirty watch out!! Spur as well is having an amazing 2007 with releases on Celebrity records with Chuck Love and Diskoteck records. Spur's production is not to be missed and his beats programming is all over this EP, which features two mixes each of "Something Inside" and "Down Together" -- both very funky mixes with bass line leads; sure winners for the funky house crews. Onethirty also has remixes coming out very soon of Aaron Roberts' (Grab) "Soul it as funk", including remixes by Jevne, Scud Bloom and Spur.


http://www.traxsource.com (click to preview in a new window)

iTunes and many more!

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Notable Productions and Releases
Turn On Chuck Love & Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm (incl. Bryan Gerrard & David Drone Remixes) - [Celebrity] Preview or Purchase
Do You Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm (incl. Jake Encinas & Hamptons Remixes & Zipper Dub) - [Discotek] Preview or Purchase
Down Together Jevne & Spur [Onethirty] Preview or Purchase
Something Inside Jevne & Spur [Onethirty] Preview or Purchase
Funklamentary Spur (incl. Spunklafur 'Down2Business' & Jevne Remixes) - [Onethirty] Preview or Purchase
Soul It As Funk (Remix) Aaron Roberts (Grab) [Onethirty] Preview or Purchase
Drift Away Keenan & Anderson ft. ENDC (incl. Stel & Goodnewz Remix) [SOG Chrome]

"Tune of the Season"
- Paul van Dyk

Guess I can't call myself underground anymore.

1 - Balance Record Pool
Preview or Purchase
Blue on Blue Alucard pres. The 49th Line ft. Jennifer Grimm [Somatic Sense, Armada] Preview or Purchase
Identify Peter McCowan ft. Nathan Carlton [Somatic Sense, Armada] Preview or Purchase
Dogstar Tim Davison ft. ENDC [SOG & Mikrokosmos] Preview or Purchase
Saturn Moves Spur ft. ENDC Preview or Purchase
Electrick Spur - A visceral electro-house jam with a classic afro-latin rhythmic underpinning. Preview or Purchase
Share It Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm Preview or Purchase
Open Up Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm (incl. Zipper Dub) Preview or Purchase

Next up is a new release for Discotek Records, a fresh label that shows a lot of promise with their releases from Dave Cortez, Jake Encinas, Swoope and ZXX. The new track will be another house vocal featuring Jennifer Grimm and a rather classic house mix from Spur plus one of our Zipper Dub Remixes. We're very excited about who's been tapped to do these remixes -- not just Jake Encinas but The Hamptons. This label is definitely tapping some young talent and we can't wait to see what they do with the vocal for "Do You"!


"Funklamentary" (Spur - Original Deep House Production +Jevne Remixes)

Now available at iTunes!

Onethrty's new artist Spur comes out with an amazingly funky track called 'Funklamentary' A smooth flowing cut with sultry horns, funky James Brown type vocal snippets and thick bass lines.

If you think in the realm of Tango, Nightshift, Greyhound or Rique then this track is for you. Along with the original comes 3 remixes!

First up Spur comes with the 'Down2Business' remix where he takes the track to the next level of funk and bounce, that would fit in with any tracks by Joey Youngaman or Troydon.

Next up Jevne Takes Funklamentry and does 2 mixes that you can't miss. First his Onethirty mix is a prime time tribal rocker that will jam along side tracks by Dj Chus, Stereo Records or David Penn, A seriously slamin mix! Next Jevne lays down his 'PlayThatBass' Remix witch styles more of a broken beat feel and funky ass bass guitar playing. Great for the early hours of the night! All mixes work for different settings, it's worth it to grab 'em all!

Spur says... Original funky chunky house track in the style of Da Sunlounge. Smooth sax played by my buddy Shawn McClain. Solid deep house cut. My own 'Down2Business' remix has some juicy organ playing and different vocal patterns I made. Mixes well with Troydon, Joey Youngman, Da Sunlounge, Inland Knights, Lawnchair Generals.

Jevne lays in a huge remix played at the massive 2006 NYE celebration at The Millenium hotel in Minneapolis! Jevne's 2nd remix features another unique take on the track with more sneaky patterns that will slither into sets like a charmed snake!

Supported by top jocks such as D:Fuse, Deko-Ze and Chloe Harris (DJ Chloe). This track placed in the top 20 on the Balance Pools weekly chart.

Pick this one up at your favorite online store! Search for 'Spur' at Stompy.com, Traxsource.com, Clickgroove.com, Release Records, iTunes and Beatport.com!

Alucard Pres. The 49th Line feat. Jennifer Grimm - Blue on Blue (The 49th Line is Peter McCowan and Nathan Carlton)

"Blue on Blue" released with Peter McCowan as The 49th Line features my good friend, singer Jennifer Grimm. This single has been remixed and released on CD compilations from Sony/BMG (Germany) and other German mix CD's (Dream Dance, Mellomania, Technics DJ Set - Remix by the ever-popular Hydroid). These particular compilations are easy to find at online stores. "Blue on Blue" has had a lot of exposure such as being in the top 10 on Greek radio next to the Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, U2 and so on.

Blue on Blue is available digitally at our friends audiojelly.com but it's also at tons of other stores like beatport ... just search google for: "Blue on Blue" 49th line). Look for me singing in the downtempo chill out mix of 'Blue on Blue.' "A beautiful prog track featuring male vocals that actually worked more than you can imagine [...] Never have I been so encaptivated by male vocals on a trance track, the notion of such a concoction is almost ridiculous." If you like the big black discs you can get the 4 vinyls at any decent online record store including our friends 4DJsonly.com (for the Somatic Sense releases), city16.com (for the Team Toad releases), or Juno (for the Somatic Sense releases). It was on the best sellers list at Juno for several months following 2005's WMC.

A big shout-out to Peter McCowan aka Alucard. We go by The 49th Line when we songwrite together. Watch Somatic Sense for most of this action. Pascal (DJ Precision) has worked his ass off making this the hottest label in the genre with the best talent pool. There is a reason why Somatic had 5 listings in the September 19 '05 Dutch Technics IDP charts, and two number 1's in the surrounding weeks! I'm proud to have been a part of producing tracks that are supported by at least 4 of the top 100 DJ's including Tiesto this year. (Thank you, Octagen!!) More recently Armada picked this one up for their Hits Vol. 5 collection, also available on iTunes.

Dogstar ft. ENDC

Tim Davison, known as the up-and-coming progressive producer to watch, has done it again with "Dogstar" (SOG, Mikrokosmos). Check it out in the mixed set at Juno or soon-to-be-released on SOG Records, available at http://www.sogrecords.com!

Tim and ENDC also have some more tracks in the pipeline, stay tuned!

Identify - Peter McCowan feat. Nathan Carlton (Somatic Sense)

Early November 2005 sees a new vinyl release from our buddy Peter McCowan (Alucard) feat. Nathan Carlton (ENDC) on vocals. The vocals were written and recorded in our Minneapolis studio and Peter worked on the production in Winnipeg, Canada.

This one features a beautiful guitar breakdown and some cool vocoded vocal effects. The track has been released on the hugely successful Somatic Sense Future imprint (distributed by Astral Music), known for quality progressive records, and it's available on both vinyl and digital download. More recently Armada picked this one up for their Hits Vol. 5 collection, also available on iTunes.

Supported by Schulz, Harding, Precision, Armin van Buuren, more!

Chunky original, Spunklafur remix and Jevne's mix took #17 on the Balance Pool

Master the Funk:

Chuck Love & Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm - Mixes by Chuck Love

What's Your Flavor?

Legendary Jay-J Remixes Chuck Love & Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm - Always in the bag.

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