Chuck Love & Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm

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Chuck Love mixes two versions of "Share It" into each other on this baby.

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'Drift Away' in Stores NOW!
New to the SOG LABELshop

KEENAN vs ANDERSON feat ENDC - drift away (Paul van Dyk's track of the season)

We at SOGrecords are just doing our thing: underground dance music, and only coz we love it so much... but for some reason, this has been the year of the Big-Trance Boys!!

PAUL VAN DYK just called YELLOW BLACKBOARD - superfly "my track of the year" and DRIFT AWAY "my track of the season" !!! and took YELLOW BLACKBOARD and WALSH & COUTRE - burning for his compilation too.

ARMIN VAN BURREN has said the same about ALEX STEALTHY - able to forget TIESTO wanted WALSH & COUTRE - burning JOHN 00 FLEMING writes us love letters....

So it is with great pleasure we bring you our biggest yet for 2005: KEENAN vs ANDERSON feat ENDC - drift away.

- teamSOG
'Drift Away' played by D:Fuse to 170,000, support by PvD, AvB, Paul Oakenfold & more
Produced by Stewart Keenan vs Dale Anderson feat. ENDC on SOG Chrome including remix by Stel & Goodnewz (Audiotherapy, Renaissance) - The vocals were written and recorded in our Minneapolis studio and Stewart and Dale worked on the production in the UK.

Read a review by Resident Advisor! - THIS is a very classy progressive release with a huge original mix by Stewart vs Dale Anderson (Bajwa and Dale) and an AMAZING intense, driving remix by Stel & Good Newz.

Big support from all the top jocks including Dave Seaman (Audiotherapy), Chris Fortier, Satoshi Tomiie and Paul van Dyk, voted no.1 DJ 2005. Also ThreeBeat says 'HUGE SUPPORT FROM OAKENFOLD, VAN BUUREN, DAVE SEAMAN & ANTHONY PAPPA.' Recently played by D:Fuse for 170,000 "people" on XM80 The Move! (Also on his Proton Radio show.)

[ Read the rest ... ]
'Identify' single released (Peter McCowan, Somatic Sense)
The very first single I wrote and recorded with Peter McCowan finally sees its long-awaited vinyl release early November, 2005!

Buy it digitally or on vinyl!

Supported by Schulz, Harding, Precision, Van Buuren!

[ Read the rest ... ]
New Review posted to RA!
Resident Advisor now has a review online for 'Drift Away' which will be released in November by SOG! Check it out...

Excerpt from the review:
"Leaning towards peaktime, from start to finish the subtle workings of the track are controlled by the highly emotive vocals of ENDC and edges up a notch at every drop out."

Read the full review!Also search Progressive Sounds for a review with keyword 'endc'.

Devil Went Down to Czech Republic!
I just caught wind that some professional sound designers used my bootleg remix of the Charlie Daniel's Band's "Devil Went Down to Georgia" in a theater production, presumably in Prague!

Interesting!! The show sounded a bit comic and it seemed like they used the track effectively -- it's rather tongue-in-cheek to begin with!

I'll probably add the bootleg to the downloads section pretty soon so you can hear the remix. It's slightly "progressive," but like I said, it hopefully comes across as a little funny as well. =)
Made me blush!
Okay, this guy made me blush!

He writes, and I quote:

Never have I been so encaptivated by male vocals on a trance track, the notion of such a concoction is almost ridiculous. Yet for me, the two meshed so well I was almost outraged that Peter had settled with Jennifer Grimm.

Here we are, the first quarter of 2005 and finally one of Alucardís finer moments gets the official release it deserves, featuring Jennifer, I'm a little crushed, but not heart broken.

Now as conflicted as this guy is about those early drafts of the song, that is quite a compliment!
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Chunky original, Spunklafur remix and Jevne's mix took #17 on the Balance Pool

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