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Chuck Love mixes two versions of "Share It" into each other on this baby.

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"Tune of the Month" IDJ Magazine Review for 'Drift Away' feat. ENDC!
"Drift Away" is a recommended "Tune of the Month" scoring 4 out of 5 stars in this month's issue of IDJ Magazine. Released in late January, the track is still creating a huge buzz around the world, and is labeled a "class effort" by IDJ.

Drift Away - SOG Chrome (Switzerland)

This is a spacey grower of a tune with a decent male vocal that has a hint of Depeche Mode about it. Building up slowly it goes to the next level when the chord changes drop and the chorus comes in - a class effort. Greek producers Stel & Goodnewz's remix is a more driving interpretation - also mighty fine.

Recommended: 4 / 5

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WMC 2006 a success!
Wow, I have never met so many dedicated house heads concentrated into one tiny little area in my life. These people are great! I met such a great group of people, it truly felt like a family reunion, and it was only my first year there!

Highlights included meeting Joey Youngman and talking with him about production techniques, and stnading next to Carson Carr as DJ Heather dropped his latest track.

The best moments musically for me were hearing Chuck Love's live set with Fourfeet at the Om party at Mansion and dancing with Jo to Asad Rizvi's set on Tuesday at the Chesterfield. What great parties!

I'll be taking it all home with me... thanks to everybody who made this trip so wonderful!!
New Progressive-Sounds.com Review posted for 'Drift Away' ft. ENDC!
"...an extremely emotional vocal line that cuts to your core.... This has big room written all over it..."

Balance Record pool votes my tracks #15 and #16 -- different styles!

Okay so it's confirmed ... I can apparently release tracks in two "totally different" styles and have the same group of discerning people enjoy them!

It's no surprise that "Drift Away" hit number one last week ... in fact it's in the top 10 best selling tracks on Audiojelly -- but it's great that this week "Drift Away" and Jevne's remix of my deeper house track "Funklamentary" are numbers 15 and 16 on the pool's chart!

Thanks Stewart, Dale and Jevne!!

Spur makes a new entry on Balance Charts! 'Drift Away' is a best seller on Juno!
Today 'Drift Away' hit #25 on Juno's best seller's charts, and 'Funklamentary' entered the Balance Record pool charts at #23. 'Drift Away' feel a few spots from #1 last week to #7 this week.

UPDATE Jan. 25: #37 on Juno.
'Funklamentary' review by Franco Martinelli!
SPUR "Funklamentary" (OneThirty)

"Funklamentary" is a funky track provided in 4 different mixes, and it will be released soon on OneThirty Records. The "Original mix" is a dirty funky affair with deep pads, warm horns and thick basslines. Jevne provides two remixes, the "Onethirty remix" which is a powerful tribal one and the "Jevne's play that bass remix" with its funky bass and broken-beats groove. Last track is the "Spunklafur down2business remix" a funked up mix with great organ and horns parts. (Franco Martinelli)
"Drift Away" feat. ENDC tops Balance Record Pool at #1!
Balance Record Pool Chart
for the week ending January 17, 2006


#1. Keenan & Dale Anderson - Drift Away (Stel+GoodNews/Original Mixes) (UK) SOG Chrome

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New record released! "Funklamentary" presenting 'Spur'!
This is a dope, funky track that presents my 'Spur' alias for the first time. I made the original with a bouncy, git-up-to-git-down deep house groove with a unique bass, smooth sax played by my buddy Shawn McClain and some cool electro drums, effects, and vocal stabs. This has been tested time and again with audiences and is a very solid deep house cut. For my remix I did a more tech-based, faster version with some juicy organ playing and different vocal patterns that are a bit more dicey. The 'Down2Business' remix is clean and tight and slick as a whistle!

Then Jevne lays in a huge party remix that he played at the massive 2006 NYE celebration at The Millenium hotel in Minneapolis! Jevne's 2nd remix features another unique take on the track with more sneaky patterns that will slither into sets like a charmed snake!

Supported by top jocks such as D:Fuse, Deko-Ze and Chloe Harris (DJ Chloe). This track placed in the top 20 on the Balance Pool's weekly chart.

Pick this one up at your favorite online store! Search for 'Spur' at Stompy.com, Traxsource.com, Clickgroove.com and Beatport.com!

Preview Original
Preview Spunklafur
Preview Onethirty

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Chunky original, Spunklafur remix and Jevne's mix took #17 on the Balance Pool

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