Chuck Love & Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm

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Chuck Love mixes two versions of "Share It" into each other on this baby.

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New Event Videos Online
Every so often I take some video. Here's some of the latest. Let me know what you think!

Moving to a new website!
We've been very busy the last few months. There haven't been many updates to this site because we've been working on our new project, MEME. What is MEME? Well without giving too much away it will have some house music (of course) and some video too, if all goes well.

This website is built on some older technology and I will likely be abandoning it soon. In the mean time, I want to pass along a few new links:


They each link to their respective YouTube, Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Thishouseparty.com was conceived as a portal for party culture and events, but I'm starting out with simply hosting my latest event videos. These were taken around Minneapolis, MN and usually feature more than a few of my friends.

MEMEsounds.com will feature new music from my friends and myself, and probably a podcast now and then -- the MEME Show. Look for significant updates early 2014.

I may not be able to make too many more updates here, unfortunately. I could barely log in this time. I've done a lot of custom php coding to this site, and I'm slightly afraid of breaking it if I try to update it.

Until next time!


Listen on repeat...
Mostly new-ish music, some of which gives me a nostalgic 80's vibe. Or like, whatever.

Download it.

Recorded in November 2012, worth repeated listens -- various genres of deep house and more kooky tunes.
My favorite recorded set
Check out my favorite recorded set.

When I look back on all the 'demo' sets I've recorded over the years this set often comes to mind as The One to highlight.

It was designed to showcase the movement from "deep" to "deep headliner" over the course of an hour.

To this day I can always drop into these tracks -- and this mix -- wherever you put the digital needle.

Recorded on CDJ-200's with a Korg KM-402 mixer, this was around the time I was mixing five nights a week.

As you might expect the mixing gets better over the course of the hour, and the tracks get more main room.

Without a hint of nostalgia, however temping, I can say listening to it again today: everything here was calculated to evoke the exact vibe I wanted to convey from song to song, mix to mix.

Never sent this mix out much -- the gigs were steady already and this was just in case things dried up (which they didn't, thank the lords of income).

So I wanted to share it with you.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


New Remix Available!
Minneapolis band Friends by Fire has a great single called "I'm On Your Side" that I had the pleasure to remix -- check it out on Soundcloud now!

Visit their home page and listen to the original there, too! The original single is part of the album Sister Waves, available for purchase on the band's site. We are planning to release the remix shortly. Stay tuned!

DJ Sets on Soundcloud
If you're looking for some DJ Sets to listen to check out these links on Soundcloud.

This first one includes some old and new favorite and was recorded at a recent rooftop happy hour private party... just a bunch of friends.

This is a more progressive set from 2010 which was around the time I started mixing in key and using Traktor. All the songs were downloaded from http://mypromopool.com.

This is a live warm-up set at Azia's Caterpillar lounge in 2008, which works into a dubby house feel. It was spun on vinyl and CDJs only (back before there were computers ).

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Chunky original, Spunklafur remix and Jevne's mix took #17 on the Balance Pool

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Chuck Love & Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm - Mixes by Chuck Love

What's Your Flavor?

Legendary Jay-J Remixes Chuck Love & Spur ft. Jennifer Grimm - Always in the bag.

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