There’s a reason I never posted about adding the water feed to the ice maker. When I was drilling into the floor I let go of the trigger and the bit got stuck. Other than that, small hedge clippers cut through the water pipe (PEX) and remember to push hard when attaching that T-shaped connector! […]

Custom Mac Build

After much deliberation I’m nearly prepared to order components for a custom Mac build. I don’t intend to install Windows on this PC. Inspired by countless others, this adventure should allow me to take control of my hardware, while Apple continue to focus on its mobile markets. Why was this right for me? My software […]

The Lawn

We have 5 (or so) levels of stuff to get or do for the lawn. Weeds (rabbit-friendly weed killer and ‘edging’), Grass (seeds), Trash (Pincher Grabber Thingy or gloves), Twigs, and maybe raking (grass and leaves). Neither of us wants to do it. We both like mowing, but that’s about it. S likes to rake, […]


Changing my own oil was not too difficult in the end. The most difficult part was finding my oil filter believe it or not. It’s hidden behind a mud guard that is supposed to be screwed in by about 12 bolts. But over the years there seems to be only about half of them left. […]


Walking around pumping fragrant Eco-friendly sprays sure can smell a house up quick! Next time I’ll have to wait until I’m ready to leave before I start. It seems to be working on those earwigs though.