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Changing my own oil was not too difficult in the end. The most difficult part was finding my oil filter believe it or not. It’s hidden behind a mud guard that is supposed to be screwed in by about 12 bolts. But over the years there seems to be only about half of them left. […]


Walking around pumping fragrant Eco-friendly sprays sure can smell a house up quick! Next time I’ll have to wait until I’m ready to leave before I start. It seems to be working on those earwigs though.

No Ladder

When I installed my garage door opener I hooked it up to the wall and then lifted it on top of my SUV. Then I climbed in and up through the sunroof to finish the connections — no ladder required! The chain is a little laggy now a couple months later. I’m a little worried […]


So installing the garbage disposal was easy, with some planning. I had to cut one or two pipes (PVC) with a little $5 hacksaw I got at Menard’s. It hasn’t leaked yet! The first night I installed the electrics and read all the instructions thoroughly. The next night I removed the old drain (this required […]


We are back from Morocco. The excitement of the journey was dancing in the desert with Berber drummers, camel guides and chefs. We also met two wonderful women on a train to Fes, an ancient city in the northern part of the country. We listened to great music in the car from Fes to Merzuga, […]