How do you spend your time?

With a little time off from work, I wrote a list of all the things I want to do “today” (although I’ll only get a few of them done today) and put them into categories.

For each task I put a time estimate — actually a time goal, to keep me moving.

Then I made a quick pivot chart of the categories and times.

I assumed some promo activities as well as some video editing tasks would take the most amount of time.

Nope! It was actually the items in a category you could consider “getting organized” which included technical tasks like making sure my DJ laptop has its theft-tracking software correctly installed, moving files and backing things up (my HDs are getting full again), saving my digital licenses into a protected archive for easy lookup in case I need to reconstruct my system someday, removing distractions from my studio, cleaning some space in a room that we plan for listening parties, and so on.

I was surprised because I always put these things into a mental category of “oh, that won’t take much time!” But in reality it was more than 25% of my to do list, in terms of time estimation — the largest single category.

How do you spend your time?