Future-Proof Ethernet

When I was mentioning I wanted to punch holes in my walls to install ethernet (yes, wires! oh my?!) to some co-workers one comment stood out: future-proof it with CAT6 cables. My house and the neighboring 5 houses are already blasted with my extended WiFi n signal but it’s just not fast enough all the time. WiFi, you’re not as fast as wires. We don’t have cable¬†because I don’t like commercials. Don’t tell my family, half of them are in advertising and make the best commercials. My sister wrote “Life is short. Stay awake for it,” for crying out loud. But you know Hulu and Netflix just don’t always come through on busy nights with WiFi so this future-proofing idea seemed like a good call.

Fast forward to a buncha cables, crimpers and plates later and I have my first room ethernetized. It’s like a baptism, with a little spilled insulation. I’d say plan out the cosmetics ahead of time, really study those wiring diagrams and definitely invest in a cheap snake from Menard’s to slide UP the wall into the attic to grab your wires and pull¬†DOWN into the rooms from the attic (because you’re using a star configuration, which feeds everything to a central point in the lowest level of your house) if your panel is between studs with insulation already. Attaching something heavy and dropping the cable down only works if the area between the studs is free. And obviously, don’t put your ethernet / Cat6 whatever right next to a power outlet!

Keywords: CAT6 your house in a star formation.

You don’t need to buy this $300 crimper.