Enough Gun Laws?

Laws do prevent “bad guys” from having guns. But currently the most effective laws are local / regional instead of national (or consistent).   Wouldn’t you agree that inconsistent laws result in effective lawmaking & law enforcement, when discussing physical goods that can easily travel across city and state borders?   Because today, a “bad […]

How do you spend your time?

With a little time off from work, I wrote a list of all the things I want to do “today” (although I’ll only get a few of them done today) and put them into categories. For each task I put a time estimate — actually a time goal, to keep me moving. Then I made […]

Office Communication

People dislike in others what they dislike in themselves.

Someone let me know yesterday that a comment I made in a Reply-All was “out of line.” Someone else was at my desk at the time, and we were discussing the issue in person (not the issue with my comment: the issue that needed to be addressed by our teams). So after that person left, I phoned the person who called me out….


What’s worth more to you, time or money? Would you rather spend time to save money, or spend money to save time? I am dealing with this question now. I’m trying to learn a new, less-expensive piece of software so I don’t need to use an expensive piece of software that I already know quite […]

Future-Proof Ethernet

When I was mentioning I wanted to punch holes in my walls to install ethernet (yes, wires! oh my?!) to some co-workers one comment stood out: future-proof it with CAT6 cables. My house and the neighboring 5 houses are already blasted with my extended WiFi n signal but it’s just not fast enough all the […]